Sister Companies

3PLEX GROUP Companies

3PLEX AERO is the first locally established stand-alone CAMO providing services specifically aimed to fulfil all aviation safety requirements, help increasing safety and improving process at reduced costs.

Fortrex is the first asset record retention company specifically aimed for Malta’s aviation industry. Fortrex holds facilities intented to provide adequate storage place for operator/lessor asset hard copy historical records.

Design-21 Projects is an EASA approved design organisation, providing approval and certification for minor changes specifically to aircraft interiors and external design layouts both to commercial and corporate jet aircraft.

BATS provides its customers with a round-the-clock range of fast, efficient and cost-effective customised and comprehensive maintenance solutions to support their operational needs.

Aviation Maintenance Academy forms part of 3PLEX GROUP. Based in Malta, the group offers a comprehensive and streamlined portfolio of professional, operational, engineering and management services fully capable of managing both the aircraft and engines throughout their complete life cycle. From the time the aircraft leaves the factory until it is finally withdrawn from service, significant financial savings can be realised through superior management services – 3PLEX GROUP does this proficiently. Other services offered by the group include training, design, storage and data management.

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