International Students

Studying in Malta

Why Malta?

The Maltese Islands are truly the perfect destination for anyone wishing to further their studies, no matter what level they seek.

To start off with, what more could anyone ask for than to study in a country whose climate averages 300 days of sun a year? Motivation to get all work done, so that you can bask in the sun afterwards.

The Maltese Islands are officially bilingual, meaning that both Maltese and English are official languages of the country. This is a great reason and incentive for people to choose the Maltese Islands as their education destination. A fantastic additional bonus is that all qualifications that are awarded in Malta are internationally recognised. With so many activities, choosing Malta to study means that you will not only be getting a world class education, but also a fantastic trip full of adventure and history.

With a huge variety of educational offers, accommodation choices, activities and more, studying in Malta is definitely the way to go. Find more details on

Accommodation and Transportation in Malta


Various accommodation options are available, including hotels, apartments and houses, available for long or short let.

Transportation in Malta

The small size of the Maltese Islands makes getting around relatively easy. The public bus service serves the major areas and is an inexpensive way of travelling. More information can be found on Car-hire is another good option for visiting students. This allows students to have greater flexibility. Taxi services are also available from all parts of the island. More information about travelling to Malta can be found on

Visa requirements

Malta is a member state of the European Union and part of the Schengen Treaty. Consequently, students from outside the EU, who would like to pursue their training with Aviation Maintenance Academy (AMA), might require a visa for entering the country and for studying on a longer term. More information can be found on